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3 out of 4 mobile apps downloaded by consumers last year have vulnerabilities that could let hackers steal your passwords and other sensitive data

Many of the security holes in Android and iOS apps are simple oversights while the apps were being built, which can let hackers steal sensitive data.

There’s a major bug with the PlayStation 4 where a single message can break your console — here’s how to fix the issue, or prevent i...

Sony said it is aware of the issue and will deploy a fix in a future software update. In the meantime, there is a way to prevent this viral message from reaching your PlayStation 4 — but if it's too late, there's also a way to fix the issue and preserve your games and save data.

The ‘Orange Is the New Black’ leak started with a computer running Windows 7 and a $50,000 bitcoin ransom

The hack leak of "Orange Is the New Black" happened because an audio post-production business called Larson Studios had a computer still running Windows 7.

More than 86% of the world’s iPhones can still be hacked with just a text

A surprising number of people have not yet updated the iPhone's mobile operating system — despite an urgent warning to do so coming from Apple last week.