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Ford teams up with Walmart in Miami, Florida to explore product delivery.

Ford and Walmart are teaming up to test delivering products with self-driving cars

Ford is partnering with Walmart to explore how the companies can use self-driving vehicles to deliver products in Miami.

The CEO of the Indian e-commerce giant that Walmart bought a $16 billion stake in has resigned amid allegations of personal misconduct

Flipkart Group CEO Binny Bansal announced his resignation following an independent investigation into an allegation of serious personal misconduct.

Online retailers are in a bitter competition for holiday shoppers — and customers are winning

Online retailers are pulling out all the stops to capture holiday sales. And it means more and faster free shipping than ever.
Amazon Lockers and Walmart pickup towers are supposed to make online shopping easier. We put them to the test.

We compared Amazon’s lockers and Walmart’s pickup towers to see which one was easier to use — and there was a clear winner

Amazon Lockers and Walmart's pickup towers let shoppers pick up their products in-store and save on shipping. We tested them to see which was better.

Walmart is kicking off Black Friday on Thanksgiving with millions of free cookies and cups of coffee

Walmart is kicking off its in-store Black Friday sale at 6 p.m. local time on Thanksgiving. Black Friday deals arrive on Walmart.com on November 21.
Amazon is 13% cheaper than its online rivals, according to a new Profitero study.

Amazon is triggering a battle for rock-bottom prices

Amazon is 13% cheaper than other major online retailers in the United States, a new Profitero study found.

Black Friday sales are starting soon — here’s when stores will open

Target, Macy's, and Kohl's are opening on Thanksgiving Day. Nordstrom, Home Depot, and Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving and open on Black Friday.

Cole Haan is having a big sale with 40% off shoes, outerwear, and accessories — and more of today’s best deals from around the web

Since you don't have all day to scour the web for noteworthy sales and discounts, we rounded up the best bargains for you to shop in one convenient place.
Walmart is opening fewer supercenters than ever — but that doesn't mean that the store format has become irrelevant.

The ‘backbone’ of Walmart’s business is fading — but it was likely an inevitable shift for the retail giant

Walmart is opening fewer and fewer supercenters every year. According to the Morgan Stanley analyst Simeon Gutman, that's not particularly surprising.
"We've seen it all," a Costco employee told Business Insider.

From entire lawn sets to used toilets, these are the most ridiculous returns employees from Costco, Walmart, and Target say they’ve ever gotten

Costco, Walmart, and Target have policies allowing customers to return items for a refund or store credit — and workers sometimes get strange returns.