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Disney always capped off the workday with a Scotch Mist and a massage.

A look inside the daily routine of Walt Disney, who wandered through the office after hours and always carried snacks in his pockets

Walt Disney, animator, businessman, and cofounder of The Walt Disney Co., kept up certain habits that defined his daily schedule.
Ryan Murphy.

‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’ producer Ryan Murphy lands 5-year deal with Netflix worth up to $300 million

The deal, reported by The New York Times, will mark the most lucrative deal ever for a producer. Shonda Rimes recently made a $100 million deal with Netflix.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney.

CREDIT SUISSE: Disney needs to be rewarded for going after Netflix

Disney could spend $1.2 billion to compete against Netflix and needs to be rewarded for its aggression, Credit Suisse said.

Disney beats on earnings, misses on revenue amid weakness at ESPN

Everyone wants to know what updates Disney has on ESPN.

Disney predicted the future of transportation in 1958 and was eerily correct about a lot of things

A lot of Disney's futuristic transportation ideas, including self-driving cars, are becoming a reality.

ESPN is crushing Disney

Disney reported third-quarter earnings that missed analysts' expectations as ad revenues from ESPN fell.

Disney is getting slammed after its first earnings miss in five years

Disney reports earnings after a strong quarter for its animated movies.

Why Elon Musk isn’t ‘deeply flawed’ in his personality

He's also nerdy. It's as if you took Jobs and altered his mercurial personality to be more like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Edison, Disney, and Mandela: Here’s who inspires today’s tech bigwigs

When you look at a great leader, it's interesting to think about