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Tiffany Lynette Davis uses a toy washing machine to clean a beauty sponge.

A beauty YouTuber uses a toy washing machine to clean her makeup brushes — see how it works

Tiffany Lynette Davis shared the video on YouTube, and said that her makeup sponges didn't look "too bad" after washing them in the machine.
Tally cofounders Jason Brown and Jasper Platz.

The CEO of a startup that raised $25 million hopes people eventually think of his personal-finance app like a washing machine

Tally cofounder and CEO Jason Brown envisions a world "where all of your financial decisions and financial work will be done invisibly."
President Donald Trump

Trump’s latest move could be a sign of looming economic pain

President Trump slapped a tariff on washing machines and solar panels on Monday, but the move could have serious negative consequences.

My washing machine might explode and Samsung won’t tell me why

Back in January, I bought a shiny, brand-new Samsung washing machine. But now Samsung is saying there's a "risk" it might explode.

Samsung may have an exploding washing machine problem

There are some reports that certain models of Samsung washers are exploding.