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These Redditors felt as if they wasted their money.

13 things people say were a huge waste of money

Everyone has their money regrets. We rounded up some of the things that people say they dropped lots of cash on but lived to regret.

This Michelin Star restaurant recycles every scrap of food waste — here’s how

With the help of Indie Ecology, Pied à Terre recycles all its food waste. The company works with 80 restaurants across London to use food waste as compost.

There are more cigarette butts in the world’s oceans than any other type of garbage

Cigarette butts have been found to be the most common piece of human trash found in the earth's oceans. Roughly 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced each year globally and nearly 4.95 trillion of those are cast into the environment, according to the Cigarette Butt Pollution Project.
Aniruddh Chaturvedi in 2011.

The most surprising things about America, according to a Silicon Valley engineer who moved from India 7 years ago

A LinkedIn engineer named Aniruddh Chaturvedi moved to the US from India in 2011. He told Business Insider what he found to be the most surprising things about American culture, including Americans' love of road trips, the integrity of US students, and the price of soda.
Plastic is out of control.

Sobering photos show what a week’s worth of plastic looks like for typical families around the world

Humans produce an estimated 300 million tons of plastic every year, but it is increasingly being recognized as one of the biggest threats to the environment. Reuters sent photographers around the world to document what a week's worth of plastic looks like for average families.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is under growing pressure to have his company meet its production targets and turn a profit.

Tesla’s decision to cut 9% of its workforce is a sign the company’s cash crunch is getting real

Tesla is cutting 9% of its workers in a restructuring intended to help it cut its losses and ease its path to profitability. But there could be more cutbacks to come if it can't meet its Model 3 production targets.

Your burger habit could be under threat

New genetic engineering technique CRISPR could help create both crops and animals that are more immune to environmental challenges.
An artistic rendering of the ARC waste management and energy plant in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen’s new $640 million power plant will have a ski slope on its roof — take a look

One of the most anticipated buildings of 2018 is BIG's ARC energy-to-waste plant in Copenhagen. It will feature a 1,969-foot-long ski slope.

The amount of time it takes for trash to break down is staggering

Do you have 450 years to wait for a diaper to breakdown?

Bottled water is a scam for most Americans — but a new report reveals some surprising places where it’s dangerous to drink the tap

A new report suggests the problem is much worse than researchers thought. It all comes down to testing — or in some cases, a failure to do so.