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The Rolex "Paul Newman" Daytona 6264 in 18k yellow gold.

Yours for $1.3 million — an ultra-rare Rolex ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona just went on sale

The yellow gold Paul Newman Daytona 6246 has an estimated value of £1 million ($1.3 million) and is being sold by Xupes. Xupes says this is just the fifth known example of its kind to come to market.
Let's be honest, how often do you check your phone for the time instead of your watch?

Men around the world are wearing broken watches — but an expert says there’s more than one reason why

Men everywhere are wearing broken watches, according to the Wall Street Journal. We spoke to Hamilton Powell, CEO of online luxury watch market Crown & Caliber, to find out why.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make when buying a watch, according to an expert

Crown & Caliber CEO Hamilton Powell, whose company is the premier consignor of used luxury watches in the US, spoke to Business Insider about the biggest mistakes people make when they're buying a watch, and what they should be doing instead.

Everything we’ve heard so far about the Pixel Watch, the rumored Google smartwatch said to be coming later this year

Google doesn't currently sell its own smartwatches, but 2018 could be the year that changes: the tech giant is reportedly working on the Pixel watch, a flagship smartwatch for its Wear OS platform.

15 things everyone should splurge on that will last a lifetime

No matter how long it takes to save for them, there are some items you should splurge on so they last you for life.

These are the 10 best-selling men’s watches of the season, according to an expert — and they make gifts for grads and dads

Jomashop is having a huge sale that includes up tp 75% off watches for graduation season and Father's Day. To help you shop the sale, we rounded up the best-selling men's watches of the season.

Apple’s Jony Ive discusses his ‘best friend’ and the origins of the Apple Watch in a new interview

Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, discussed the "early 2012" origins of the Apple Watch and the possibilities of where Apple is "headed" in a new interview in Hodinkee magazine.
The Hodinkee Store is streamlining choices and eliminating the intimidation.

Hodinkee is taking online watch retailing to a new level

Hodinkee is capitalizing on the beginnings of an online-commerce trend: authenticity paired with a superb buying experience.
The Type 2 e-Crown sits perfectly on the wrist thanks to its slim design.

The ‘father of the iPod’ has designed a new kind of mechanical watch

It will set itself even if it hasn't been worn in months, just by tapping the glass.
You have to buy a Ford GT to be able to buy this watch.

You must spend $400,000 on a Ford GT before you can even consider buying this exclusive watch

Autodromo has collaborated with Ford on a special-edition watch.