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I found ice cubes in this $25 stainless steel water bottle 24 hours after filling it

Takeya's stainless steel sports water bottle keeps my drinks ice-cold for 24 hours. It's my go-to water bottle for the gym, office, and home.
There are three sizes of bottles from Purist Collective perfect for a single serving or a small group.

This is the best water bottle I’ve used in years — 2 factors justify the $48 price tag

Purist Collective water bottles have interchangeable lids for incredible convenience and are lined with glass. Here's why they're worth the price.

I carry a water bottle on me at all times — my 2 favorites couldn’t look and feel more different

As someone who likes to stay hydrated and is always drinking water, I count the reusable water bottle as one of my most prized possessions.

This $10 collapsible water bottle rolls up so small it can fit in your pocket — I swear by mine for traveling

This flexible and reusable water bottle from Vapur is the only one I carry when traveling, and it's only $10.

A new company found a way to take the hassle out of reusing water bottles

The que Bottle's spiral design and silicone body lets it compress to half the size once empty.