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Study finds younger Singaporeans are less worried about saving water – this is why they need to be more concerned

As water is readily available, younger Singaporeans perceive water scarcity as a problem that will only need to be dealt with in the far future.

The shower head disrupters backed by Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt just launched a new water-saving nozzle on Kickstarter

The latest version can create 29% warmer temperatures and comes at a more affordable price than the original ($499 planned MSRP versus $649).
A leaking faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons per year.

11 ways you’re wasting water that are costing you

Keeping an eye on your water usage is a good way to save money and help the planet at the same time. Here are 11 ways you're wasting water.

Michael Phelps is speaking up about mental health issues — here’s his advice for anyone who is struggling

Michael Phelps is spending time with his kids and working to promote water conservation and mental health awareness. He says that people struggling with mental health issues should remember to communicate and avoid isolating themselves.
Orbital Systems founder Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

This founder created a $2,500 shower that never runs out of hot water, backed by former Tesla and Skype bigwigs

When you think of technology that came from NASA, maybe you think of orange flavored Tang, or freeze-dried food, or space blankets.But maybe not an endlessly hot shower with a full, high-pressure waterfall. Orbital Systems took NASA tech and turned it into an award-winning, water-purifying shower.
The logo of Cape Town's "2-minute Shower Songs" album.

Cape Town is fighting its ‘Day Zero’ water crisis with an album of 2-minute songs to help people take quicker showers

Famous artists recorded sped-up versions of their hits for people to time their showers with.

This box can deliver electricity and drinking water anywhere

The "Off Grid B...