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The controversial engineer at the center of the Uber-Waymo case claims he drove across the country in a self-driving car

Anthony Levandowski told The Guardian that he drove across the country in a vehicle equipped with autonomous driving technology.

All the companies and divisions under Google’s parent company, Alphabet

Google became Alphabet three years ago, but for many people it can be confusing as to how it's organized. Here's what's under the corporate umbrella.
One of Waymo's self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans navigates autonomously around its testing facility at the decommissioned Castle Air Force base in Merced County, California

People are attacking Waymo’s self-driving cars in Arizona by slashing tires and, in some cases, pulling guns on the safety drivers

Arizona police have been responding to tons of calls about Waymo, including reports of pulled guns and slashed tires.

Waymo has finally launched its self-driving taxi service — here are 4 ways it can profit from the program, according to a Wall Street analyst

UBS analyst Eric Sheridan predicts Google's self-driving car service could bring in more than $100 billion in revenue by 2030.
Waymo has launched its commercial service in Phoenix.

Waymo has launched its commercial self-driving service in Phoenix — and it’s called ‘Waymo One’

Waymo has officially launched in commercial self-driving service in Phoenix. The service is called "Waymo One."
An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives down Small man Street on September, 22, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

GM’s Cruise has had the most self-driving crashes in California — here’s how the autonomous rivals stack up when it comes to safety

Self-driving cars will be safer than our current roads, experts say. But until we get to full autonomy, there have been some speed bumps.

Waymo announced two major executive hires as it races to launch a commercial self-driving car service

Waymo has hired a former NTSB head as its first chief safety officer, the company announced Tuesday.
Waymo has joined with MADD.

Waymo and Mothers Against Drunk Driving team up to show how self-driving cars can get unsafe drivers off the road

Waymo and Mothers Against Drunk Driving has teamed up to show how autonomous vehicles can get unsafe drivers off the road

Waymo’s first commercial self-driving rides could happen as soon as December: Report

Bloomberg News reported Google's first commercial rides in its autonomous vehicles will start next month, when the first test group of customers are released from their NDA's.

A Waymo self-driving car sent a motorcyclist to the hospital — but the human driver was at fault

Waymo's CEO said in a blog post that the car would have avoided the crash had it stayed in self-driving mode instead of being disengaged by its human operator.