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Elizabeth Warren just unveiled a plan to make public colleges free for all Americans

Elizabeth Warren's $1.25 trillion plan would impact 42 million Americans, eliminating all student debt for 75% of those who have it.
Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson curses out Dutch historian who accuses him of being a ‘millionaire funded by billionaires’ in an unaired interview

"Why don't you go f--- yourself, you tiny brain ... moron," Tucker Carlson yelled at his guest in the unaired interview.
More than 60% of registered voters support the wealth tax proposal put forth by Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax on the richest Americans won’t remove the incentive to work, no matter what billionaires say

On "Business Insider Today" on Facebook Watch, INSIDER CEO Henry Blodget breaks down why Americans would support a wealth tax.
The billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says there's a "misfocus" in the way America's wealthiest residents are taxed.

Bill Gates says the politicians proposing 70% income tax rates for the superrich are ‘missing the picture’

Bill Gates said we're "missing the picture" if we focus only on raising the top income tax rate for the wealthiest Americans.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new idea to tax the wealthiest Americans drew 54% approval in a recent INSIDER poll.

A majority of Americans approve of Elizabeth Warren’s new tax on the wealthy, according to a new poll

54% of Americans surveyed approved of Elizabeth Warren's new wealth tax plan. The idea polled better than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax idea.

Malaysia will not implement wealth tax – for now – so economy can recover, says Finance Minister

Wealth, inheritance and capital gains tax are some of the taxes Malaysia has decided not to implement for fear of "massive" capital flight.