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Private colleges are slashing tuition prices and decreasing tuition discounts.

Some private colleges are advertising price cuts on their full-price tuition — and it’s just one way that college is a whole different gam...

Pricey private liberal arts colleges are slashing tuition prices, reported The New York Times — but it's mostly benefitting the wealthy.
The rich are spending less.

The wealthy are spending less money on luxury, and it might signal another recession. From penthouses to classic cars, here’s what’s just ...

The wealthy are saving more and spending less in various luxury markets, which could be a recession red flag, reported CNBC.

I spent six years interviewing 21 billionaires. I found that the 1% are happier than the average person — and it’s not just because they&#...

Billionaires aren't happy because of how much money they have — they're happy because they have choices, opportunities, and strong relationships.
Luxury homes aren't selling — and it could be a big problem for the economy.

Penthouses, mansions, and luxury ranches aren’t selling across the US — and it could be a recession red flag

There's an abundance of luxury real estate across the US, and it may be a warning sign for an upcoming recession, reported CNBC.
Really, yachts are just floating money.

I spent 3 years writing about yachts, and owning one takes even more money than you think

Yachts cost a lot more than their listing price. Additional expenses for crew, dockage, fuel, and maintenance set owners back millions of dollars.
Millionaire men want the whole package.

‘With money, your brain thinks differently’: 5 elite matchmakers on what millionaire men look for when they date

'With money, your brain thinks differently': 5 elite matchmakers on what millionaire men look for when they date
Matchmakers Carly and Janis Spindel.

Breaking down ‘the 4 B’s’ of millionaire dating: A mother-daughter matchmaking duo dish on what rich men look for in a partner

Millionaire men seek the "Four B's" in a partner when dating, according to the matchmakers Janis and Carly Spindel: beauty, brains, body, and balance.
Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is known for his eccentricity — and his billions.

Richard Branson, who turns 69 today, is sitting on a $4 billion fortune but reportedly wears the same jeans every day — see how the eccentric bi...

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has an estimated net worth of $4 billion. When he spends his money indulgently, it's to make money in return.
Millionaires shouldn't lead with their money on dates.

The most common mistake millionaires make when dating is picking up their date in a Ferrari, according to elite matchmakers

Fancy cars are emblematic of a larger problem — millionaires flaunt their wealth on dates, which can look arrogant and attract the wrong people.
Status symbols vary worldwide.

7 surprising ways the elite are showing off their wealth around the world

Status symbols are shaped by cultural and economic contexts. From the UK to the United Arab Emirates, status symbols range from nannies to falcons.