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What would you do if you were rich enough?

Twitter users share what they would like to do if they were rich enough — and the posts are heartwarming and hilarious

Twitter users are sharing what they would do if they could afford it, using the hashtag #IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo, and the responses are pretty funny.

The one thing most self-made millionaires do when they first wake up

Morning is when self-made millionaires create a lot of their wealth.
They don't think they're rich.

Inside the lives of America’s anxious wealthy people

A recent book, Uneasy Street, highlights America's 1% and offers some unexpected insights into how they think. Most surprising? They don't think they're rich.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: The iPhone and iPad are ‘not for the rich’

The "Apple Tax" — the premium over similar products from other companies that you would have to pay for Apple's design and software — is on its way out.

A London family is offering their future nanny $129,000 and access to a Maserati

Hundreds of childcare professionals have applied for an elite nanny position that seems too good to be true.

7 unexpected truths you probably didn’t realize about the richest people in the world

Ultra wealthy women have an average net worth of $110 million.

7 psychological traits of the super rich

A report by financial psychologist Bradley Klontz reveals the psychological differences between the wealthy and the affluent.

Trump seems especially mad at Mike Bloomberg, and any New Yorker could tell you why

The former mayor represents a part of New York City elite that Trump has always wanted to be a part of, but never has been.

The world’s rich are in ‘wait and see mode’

Asian clients are buying less art, but they're buying such expensive art that it's becoming a bigger share of all art sold.

The newest trend in billionaire yachting is renting out entire cruise ships

Renting out an entire cruise ship doesn't come cheap.