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Couples across the world are relying on loans and credit cards to pay for their weddings.

A staggering percentage of couples are going into debt to pay for their weddings — here are the countries where the problem is the worst

Wedding debt is reaching unprecedented heights in some countries — and there are several countries where couples have it worse than the US.
The showroom of Our Story Bridal, a bridal resale store in New York City.

Millennial brides are fueling the rise of a new kind of wedding-dress shopping

While millennials are delaying marriage, when they do opt for matrimony they're finding ways to do so on the cheap, starting with the dress.
The couple inquired about a payment plan for a $1,5000 jumpsuit for their wedding.

A same-sex couple says that a wedding dress designer turned them away, citing religious beliefs

Tiffany Allen and Angel Lane contacted D. Auxilly to inquire about a $1,500 jumpsuit for their upcoming wedding in October.
This is what you should expect to pay for your wedding venue, photographer, cake, catering, DJ, and more.

How much it actually costs to hire 16 common wedding vendors, from the venue to the food

This is what you should expect to pay for your wedding venue, photographer, cake, catering, DJ, and more.
Instead of flying off into the sky, the butterflies stuck around the Honesdale, Pennsylvania, wedding and clung to the bride, groom, and groom's parents.

A couple had butterflies at their wedding to honor the groom’s late sister, and the photos are stunning

The Van Gorder family has used butterflies to remember Vanessa, their daughter and sister who died in a car accident around Christmas a few years ago.

Sophie Turner has released a first look at her stunning Louis Vuitton wedding dress in a just-married photo with husband Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas both posted photos on Instagram showing her stunning Louis Vuitton design, which has a plunge neck and long, lace sleeves.

Priyanka Chopra knows her wedding to Nick Jonas ‘was very extravagant’

The 36-year-old actress opened up about her lavish December wedding to the Jonas Brothers member in the August 2019 issue of Elle UK.

A wedding photographer was called ‘abusive’ after refusing to offer services to an Instagram ‘influencer’ for free

In an email exchange shared on Facebook, the PR of the "influencer" asked the company, Betrothed & Co, to offer a $5,000 package for free.
Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Porky Basquiat when he was a puppy.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s dog stole the show at their wedding by wearing a tiny tuxedo complete with bow-tie

The furry groomsman was identified as Porky Basquiat Jonas, an Alaskan Klee Kai which Turner and Jonas adopted together.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas reportedly married in ceremony No. 2 in France

The "Game of Thrones" star and the Jonas Brothers member had a formal ceremony following their Vegas wedding that took place in May.