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The new WW website.

Weight Watchers has changed its name to ‘WW’ to focus on overall wellness — here’s what’s actually changing about the pr...

Over the next few months, Weight Watchers says it plans to roll out several updates to its app that will help millions of its members around the world not just lose weight but feel better altogether.

The most surprising foods that the new Weight Watchers considers zero points — and why

Enjoy as many leaves, fruits, fish, eggs, and figs as you want, according to WW (formerly, Weight Watchers). The weight-loss giant now says many whole foods need not be counted toward dieters' daily totals because they leave eaters feeling satisfied and create healthy habits.

Weight Watchers scores an earnings ‘home run’ with its Freestyle program

Weight Watchers International, which made a comeback in 2015 with the help of Oprah Winfrey, has picked up celebrity spokesmen Kevin Smith, DJ Khaled and Chef Eric Greenspan for its new Freestyle program. Analysts called it a "home run" after earnings.

Weight Watchers’ new program has 200 ‘zero-point’ foods you can eat as much as you want — including eggs

Weight Watchers zero point foods list includes some surprising additions — like eggs and salmon — that participants can eat without tracking or measuring.

Your partner could help you lose weight — or be your worst enemy, according to new research

Research suggests that your significant other can be your strongest ally — or your worst enemy — when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers spikes after Oprah took down the house at the Golden Globes

Weight Watchers' stock was up on Monday after Oprah's Golden Globe speech and rumors of a 2020 US presidential bid.

Weight Watchers enlists DJ Khaled in a strategy that has already seen Oprah boost its stock 500%

Weight Watchers' stock price has gotten a huge boost from endorsement deals with high-profile celebrities, with DJ Khaled being the latest.

Weight Watchers is rising after announcing DJ Khaled as a spokesperson

Weight Watchers stock is rising sharply in the new year with help from its celebrity spokespeople.

Oprah Winfrey has now raked in $300 million from her Weight Watchers investment

Following Weight Watchers' huge earnings-based 22% stock increase, Oprah Winfrey has now made $300 million on her investment in the company.

Weight Watchers posts dynamite earnings, and the stock is soaring

Weight Watchers posted an unexpected profit of $0.16 per share, much higher than analysts' expectations of $0.04 per share.