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You can easily share a Facebook video on WhatsApp with your friends by sending them the link directly.

How to share a Facebook video on WhatsApp by sending your contacts a direct link

You can share a Facebook video on WhatsApp by copying and pasting a link or using link sharing on an Android device. Here's how to do it.
A woman holds a sign with the image of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro that reads "He lies in WhatsApp," during a protest in 2018.

WhatsApp is touting steps taken to cut the viral spread of coronavirus misinformation, but experts question whether it’s done enough

WhatsApp told Business Insider last week that the encrypted messaging app saw a 70% drop in "frequently forwarded" messages.
WhatsApp says it has tried to limit the amount of misinformation spread on its platform

WhatsApp users are spreading a bogus UK exit strategy claiming the COVID-19 lockdown will end in August

The company says it has tried to limit false information about the pandemic being spread on its platform.
Christopher Wray.

FBI Director Christopher Wray says tech companies should let law enforcement decrypt messages — but he argued the exact opposite in court in 201...

The government has been trying to make tech companies like Apple and Facebook weaken encryption on their messaging apps for nearly a decade.

These video-calling apps have the sketchiest security practices, according to researchers

Three of the 15 video-call apps did not meet Mozilla's minimum security standards due to weak password requirements or shady privacy policies.
WhatsApp has restricted how viral messages can go.

WhatsApp says viral message forwarding is down 70% after it took steps to combat COVID-19 misinformation

Social media companies have had to scramble to combat misinformation, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.

Fake text messages claiming the US military would enforce a country-wide lockdown went viral last month. They were spread by Chinese agents, according...

US intelligence officials believe Chinese agents helped spread the misinformation in order to incite panic.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp limits mass message-forwarding to try and stop the wild spread of coronavirus misinformation

WhatsApp says it has seen a "significant increase" in forwarded messages since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak.
The WHO's WhatsApp chatbot.

The World Health Organization has launched a WhatsApp chatbot to warn people about the coronavirus’ dangers

WhatsApp has historically struggled with the spread of misinformation on its encrypted platform.

Facebook knows what you’re doing on other sites and in real life. This tool lets you see what it knows about you.

Facebook tracks your activity on other websites, third-party apps, and even real-life stores and restaurants.