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The former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson reveals what may be the ‘most shocking stock pick’ of his career

The former hedge-fund manger Whitney Tilson says Lumber Liquidators is a "buy." He previously exposed fraud at the company.

Lumber Liquidators settles with the SEC and DOJ over Chinese flooring supplier

Lumber Liquidators settles with SEC and DOJ over Chinese flooring supplier. Whitney Tilson had previously raised concerns about the company.
Whitney Tilson

Tesla is ‘out of bullets’ and will plunge below $100 this year, former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson says

Tesla will tank to below $100 by the end of this year, the former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson said.

Whitney Tilson on Trump’s supporters: ‘I think Donald Trump conned them’

The hedge funder says he "can take glee" in knowing some Donald Trump supporters will be saddened by the president-elect's Treasury and commerce appointments.

Whitney Tilson has a new short

The short seller who went after Lumber Liquidators unveiled a new target.

Whitney Tilson has covered his Lumber Liquidators short, and now the stock is exploding higher

"I no longer believe that Lumber Liquidators' stock, at today's price, is an attractive short."

Here’s Whitney Tilson’s presentation explaining why Berkshire Hathaway’s stock could jump 45% in the next year

Whitney Tilson thinks Berkshire Hathaway stock is trading below its intrinsic value.

A hedge fund manager perfectly captured what Bill Ackman is going through as Valeant crashes

"Every investor should analyze this case study to learn from Ackman's experience ..."