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A discarded water bottle at Warminster community park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Researchers found ‘high levels’ of arsenic in bottled water sold at Whole Foods and Walmart. Here’s how worried you should be.

The brands in question, Starkey and Peñafiel, have been associated with elevated concentrations of arsenic in the past.

An animal-welfare protester just leaped onstage at Amazon’s big tech event, coming within feet of CEO Jeff Bezos

During an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, an animal-rights protester stormed the stage and got within feet of Bezos before she was stopped.
Whole Foods is trying to make its discounts and Prime member savings more obvious to customers.

Whole Foods is tweaking receipts to highlight Amazon Prime member savings after customer complaints

Whole Foods is tweaking its receipts and checkout screens "so customers can see their savings more clearly," according to an internal company memo.

The 18 best perks you get with an Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime is much more than just free two-day shipping.
Whole Foods is testing a convenience store concept in New York.

Whole Foods has a new convenience store that sells fresh organic fruit, pantry staples, and açai bowls — here’s what it’s like ...

The new store is called the Whole Foods Market Daily Shop, and it focuses on providing local and organic products at convenience store speed.
Things haven't always been easy for Whole Foods.

How Whole Foods went from a hippie natural foods store to Amazon’s $13.7 billion grocery weapon

Whole Foods went through many phases before being acquired by Amazon for $13.7 billion.
The interior of a Whole Foods grocery store is seen in Dublin. California in June 2017.

Consumer Reports investigation finds ‘potentially dangerous’ amounts of arsenic in 6 brands of bottled water, including one from Whole Foo...

Whole Foods responded to the investigation, saying its own internal tests found its product to be compliant with FDA regulations.

I bought the same groceries at Wegmans, Whole Foods, and ShopRite, and one was clearly the most expensive

Between Whole Foods, ShopRite, and Wegmans, it can be hard to judge which store offers the best bang for your buck.

Meet the 45-year-old executive helping Kroger take on Amazon, Walmart, and Aldi

Yael Cosset is helping Kroger execute a massive transformation amid growing competition from Walmart, Aldi, Lidl, and the Amazon-owned Whole Foods.
Whole Foods' recent price cuts could start to chip away at its "Whole Paycheck" image.

We visited Whole Foods after Amazon’s latest price cuts — and what we found should terrify Kroger

Whole Foods' prices on fresh produce alone are about 7% cheaper than Kroger's prices, according to a Business Insider survey.