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Jeff Rose.

I’m a financial adviser with $2.5 million of life insurance, and every cent of it is the same kind for a reason

Because of the amount of coverage I need, and what it would cost for an equivalent amount of whole life insurance, term is the right choice for me.
Whole life insurance provides a death benefit and a cash value.

Whole life insurance may sound great because it never expires, but it will cost you a big chunk of change every month

Whole life insurance provides both a death benefit and builds up a cash value, a type of savings or investment that you can withdraw from your policy.
Whole life insurance isn't right for just anyone.

One of the 2 main types of life insurance can cost hundreds more a year, and 2 questions can tell you whether you need it

The biggest differences between term and whole life insurance are monthly cost, length of the policy, and whether there is a cash value component.