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Savuti (Chobe National Park), Botswana.

An awkwardly timed photo of an adorable lion cub is the funniest animal photo of 2019

A lion cub swiping at something humans prefer wiping has gotten the last laugh as the year's funniest animal photo.
Leopards show their love.

15 photos that show what love looks like in the animal kingdom

From playful scuffles to furry nuzzles, here are photos of animals that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

20 breathtaking photos of manatees in honor of Manatee Awareness Month

Manatees have captured our imagination for centuries. These gentle giants, also known as sea cows, happen to be very photogenic.
The Moment by Yongqing Bao, China.

A life-or-death photo of a fox attempting to capture a marmot just won the most prestigious wildlife photography award

The Moment, by Yongqing Bao, features a Tibetan fox and a marmot, capturing "the drama and intensity of nature."
Author Erin Brodwin having a moment with Duggar the three-fingered sloth.

I spent a day at a Costa Rican sloth sanctuary, and it was one of the most magical moments of my life

Costa Rica's Sloth Sanctuary takes in abandoned or physically disabled sloths and gives them a new chance at life, and I got to visit the magical place.
"Warning: territory marking. Follow at your own risk" by Tilakraj Nagaraj.

40 hysterical finalists in this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards compile the most hilariously candid photos of animals in the wild pulling faces and striking funny poses.
Can you find the spider in the sand?

Can you spot the camouflaged animals in these photos?

Chameleons aren't the only animals that can blend in with their surroundings. These 15 creatures are also masters of disguise. Can you spot them?
Ratu, an 8-year-old female Sumatran rhinoceros, at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in the Way Kambas National Park on May 20, 2010. Sumatran rhinos once roamed the forests of Southeast Asia, but today only about 80 remain.

We’ve killed off more than 50% of forest animals on Earth, a new report found — even more evidence of a 6th mass extinction

Forests are our "greatest natural ally in the fight against global warming," said one conservationist.
Do you know the name for a group of frogs?

A group of vultures are called a venue. Can you guess these other surprising names for groups of animals?

Some names for groups of animals are well-known, like a "swarm" of bees or a "pack" of wolves. Some are more obscure. How many do you know?