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The 5 laptops we’re most looking forward to trying in 2019

None of these laptops are crazy concepts — they'll actually be available to buy sometime this year.

A gorgeous remake of a PlayStation gaming classic is almost here — and it looks incredible

'Resident Evil 2' is getting a remaster, over 20 years after its release. It looks incredible — check it out here.

Microsoft will release its first web browser for Apple’s Mac computers in 15 years as it makes a major change to its Microsoft Edge strategy

Microsoft Edge is embracing the Chromium web standard, which was born at Google. This is going to lead to some major changes.
Microsoft Edge is the successor to Microsoft Internet Explorer, and comes built in to Windows 10.

It sounds like Microsoft is killing the Edge browser built into Windows 10 and placing a big bet on Google’s web technology instead

Microsoft could kill the Microsoft Edge browser and replace it with a new browser that uses the Google Chromium web engine.

The best laptop deals for Black Friday 2018

The time to get an incredibly powerful laptop for under $1,000 is now.

A month after a botched debut that deleted people’s files, the next big Windows update is finally starting to roll out

The first time out, the Windows 10 October 2018 update wiped some users' files. Now, Microsoft is trying again.

6 smartphone features that would be great on laptops

Smartphones are getting all the good stuff.

Microsoft thinks it has a fix for the glitch in a huge new Windows 10 update that was deleting people’s personal files

Some users reported that their files were missing after manually updating their version of Windows 10, which prompted Microsoft to pause the update. Now, Microsoft thinks it has a fix.

This gorgeous new racing game isn’t just amazing — it’s the best reason this year to get an Xbox instead of a PlayStation

"Forza Horizon 4" is the best version of the best racing game series. And it's only on the Microsoft Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.