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You could get paid to eat your way around Croatia.

You could get paid to eat and drink your way around Croatia on a luxury gourmet cruise

Cruise Croatia is looking for someone to take its new gourmet cruise for a spin, offering a week of island hopping, waterfalls, and winery tours.

Trump reportedly talked at a Hamptons fundraiser about putting a massive tariff on French wine

The reported remarks, which may not have been serious, come amid a dispute over a new French tax on big tech companies such as Google and Amazon.

Amazon is looking to open a brick-and-mortar liquor store in San Francisco

The brick-and-mortar store would operate as a liquor store and a location from which Amazon can operate an alcohol delivery service.
Target has rolled out insulated fanny packs and backpacks that also serve as coolers.

Target is selling a $20 pineapple backpack and $6 fanny packs that also serve as portable wine coolers

Target's insulated fanny packs and backpack can store beach snacks, canned drinks, or an entire bottle of wine.

14 places to buy alcohol online — from general online liquor stores to monthly wine delivery services

Online delivery services make buying alcohol less stressful and more convenient. We found 14 sites where you can order alcohol and have it delivered.
The new release combines wine, cheese, and crackers.

Cheez-It’s new release combines its cheesy crackers with a whole box of wine

One side of the box dispenses House Wine's red wine, and the other is loaded with original Cheez-It crackers.

This Italian winery makes sustainable wines you can buy online starting at $8 a bottle — here’s how it’s influencing innovation in a...

The first winery in the world to win an ISO award for sustainability is cloning grapes that combat climate change. Here's where to buy it online.

‘Durian Whisky’ launched in Singapore last month – but people are saying it’s not even a whiskey at all

You've heard of durian hotpot - now get ready to hear about Durian Wisky.
You can now keep frosé in your freezer.

Frosé pouches are now a thing and they’re basically alcoholic juice boxes

You can stick Chanmé Frosé pouches right in your freezer for a portable take on the summer rosé treat.