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This is the smartphone of the future: no holes, no ports, no wires, and no buttons

The Zero smartphone from Meizu is a seamless slab of glass and ceramic.

Nintendo is bringing back its classic NES controller for the Switch, but now it’s wireless — take a look

With Nintendo Entertainment System games now available on the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese gaming giant is planning to release wireless NES-style gamepads for the first time ever.

Tesla will sell even more wireless phone chargers after the previous batch sold out in a day — and this time, there’s a discount

Customers who purchased a charger for the price drop will be compensated for the difference.
The gorgeous Pixel 2.

6 months later, Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods are less appealing than ever before

In late 2017, Google attempted to take on Apple's AirPods with its own wireless headphones: Pixel Buds. So, how do they hold up over time? Poorly.

5G technology will revive a global smartphone market that’s had near standstill growth for two years

The global smartphone market has been growing at a progressively slower rate since 2010; last year the number of units shipped actually went down. Research shows that this year will be more of the same, but that 5G could revive the market in years to come.
Our new car is a 2005 Volvo station wagon, because we're super cool.

I turned my ancient car stereo into a Bluetooth-powered modern stereo with an amazing $30 device

After buying a 13-year-old car with no Bluetooth and no auxiliary port, I found an unlikely, amazing solution in an inexpensive package.

This $25 wireless controller solves the one major problem with the mini Super Nintendo

The wireless Super Nintendo gamepad from 8bitdo is a revelation.
Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam

Verizon plans to offer wireless home internet access starting next year — and it could shake up the broadband market

Wireless services could lead to more competition in the home broadband market, potentially leading to lower prices and better performance.

Comcast’s internet service was out across the U.S. on Monday for several hours

Comcast's Xfinity internet service experienced outages across the US on Monday, and customers weren't happy.
Google Pixel Buds

Google’s new $160 wireless earbuds one-up Apple’s Airpods in some important ways

I went hands-on with Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones, an alternative to Apple's AirPods that also act as a universal translator.