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These 10 countries have the best career prospects for expat women

The ranking was determined by InterNations, who interviewed around 7,000 expat working women in 168 countries.

‘It was bulls—‘: Megyn Kelly responds to being called Trump’s ‘chew toy’

At IGNITION 2017, Megyn Kelly discussed being attacked by President Trump and being called Trump's "chew toy" by Maureen Dowd.

A brilliant New Yorker cartoon reveals the sad truth about women at work

To say that women walk a tightrope in the workplace would be an understatement.

The gender pay gap in the White House has risen dramatically under Trump

The pay gap between female and male White House staffers has more than tripled under President Donald Trump.

6 unexpected things I learned about Ivanka Trump from her new book

Much of Ivanka Trump's new book felt generic. However, the first daughter did reveal a handful of surprising facts about herself.