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Australian cities overtake Singapore on global list of best cities for women entrepreneurs

Singapore was top in APAC in 2017, but Sydney and Melbourne have overtaken the Lion City now.

A day in the life of the co-founder of JustCo, a Singapore startup that’s now Southeast Asia’s largest co-working space provider

She has up to 10 meetings a day, but makes time for her daughters at night, and even manages to squeeze in an hour of swimming and relaxing.

This Singaporean duo who expanded their online business to Hong Kong is smashing stereotypes about female leaders

Two women, one business, and a whole lot of gender stereotypes – but these women are unfazed.

A 22-year-old Singaporean woman conducted ‘live’ crowdfunding for a bag she designed – and raised S$12,000 on the spot

It allegedly raised S$8,000 in 2.5 hours at its live crowdfunding event.

A former Wall Street exec says some of the most common career advice given to women is deeply flawed

Former Wall Street executive Sallie Krawcheck says too many women make the same career mistake: acting like a man.

After interviewing 100 entrepreneurs, a CEO found all of the most successful women had ‘given up’ on the same idea

Design Sponge founder Grace Bonney interviewed 100 successful women entrepreneurs for her book, and found almost all of them had something in common.

Meet entrepreneur Kate Levenstien — the woman behind the Bacon and Beer Classic

Kate Levenstien is the CEO and founder of Cannonball Productions, the event planning company behind the Bacon and Beer Classic.

If you’re a woman starting a tech company, you need to know these four VC firms

For women hoping to find investors, having at least one woman in the room can be beneficial. Having a fund made up almost entirely of women? Even better.

These 19 cities are the best places for women to launch a succesful business

Access to capital and talent, as well as mentoring cultures, all factor into Dell's ranking of cities that are the most supportive for women entrepreneurs.

Dell’s CMO explains why men need to step up at work to reduce gender bias

Dell builds diversity into its succession planning and leads groups focused on ensure women and other minorities are represented at the company.