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My wife and I hold our newborn baby.

Babies cry in the womb and 18 other surprising facts I learned when I became a dad

Studying up on my wife and developing baby revealed just how much science knows — and doesn't — about what goes on in the womb when a woman is pregnant.

The top 12 jobs where you are most likely to cheat

Ashley Madison is a website where people in committed relationships go to find affairs. The company's data found that people with certain career choices are more likely to stray — here they are.

Restaurant chains now put calorie counts on their menus — and it’s part of a 100-year-old American obsession that started with a Californi...

Chain restaurants are now required to post calorie counts on their menus as part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. A century ago, Lulu Peters introduced the calorie. Her teachings have been immortalized in our psyche, but some nutritionists say it's time to move on.

Your diet could affect when you hit the menopause, according to a major new study — and eating oily fish and legumes could delay it by years

Certain foods could lead women to reach the menopause over a year earlier, according to new research from the University of Leeds.
British singer FKA Twigs starring in the Nike ad titled "Do you believe in more?" She also directed the ad.

Nike reportedly spent millions on a canceled ad that featured men in sports bras and a woman pole dancing

Nike reportedly never ran an ad it created in partnership with FKA Twigs, which featured racy imagery and was meant to target the female customer.

Sexist job ads discriminate against women in China — even specifying applicants’ required height, weight, and facial structure

Many jobs stated "men only" while jobs open to women listed requirements for height, weight, facial appearance, marital status and motherhood.
Some of the highest-paying jobs for women are in healthcare.

The 20 highest-paying jobs for women

If you want one of the highest-paying jobs for women, a job in healthcare may be the way to go.
From left to right: Jasmine Shells, Sarah Kaler, Jennifer Mahajan.

Real women share their best advice on life and work, including how to choose a job, waste less time, and get clear on what really matters

Entrepreneurs, execs, and more share their best advice on topics like how to find a job, start a business, give yourself credit, and stop being so stressed.
Arlan Hamilton is the founder of Backstage Capital.

A little-known venture fund is raising $36 million to invest exclusively in black female founders, and the head of the firm is calling it the ‘A...

Arlan Hamilton's firm Backstage Capital invests in underrepresented founders such as people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. The firm just announced a new $36 million fund that will invest exclusively in black female founders, who earn less than 1% of all venture capital funding.