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Elena Donio of Axiom

The CEO of a company that calls itself ‘the future of law’ says she still can’t escape sexism at work — but she’s on a m...

Elena Donio helms the legal talent marketplace Axiom and is among one of the most powerful women in business — yet still encounters sexism at work.
Eventbrite was founded by a woman.

10 billion-dollar businesses you didn’t know were started by women

Bumble, Glossier, Spanx, and Proactiv are all women-owned companies that have been valued at $1 billion or more.

21 organizations that are fighting for women’s rights in the US and abroad

These 21 organizations are making an impact in the realm of women's rights to education, health care, and reproductive freedom.

10 occupations that are still dominated by men

Women have made incredible progress in the workforce, but some fields are still dominated by men. Here are 10 jobs where women are underrepresented.

The best women’s bathrobes you can buy

There's nothing like lazing around in your bathrobe. These are the best bathrobes for women, whether you want a terry cloth one or a silky kimono.
A British beer festival has banned all beers with sexist names or art work.

A festival is banning beers with names like ‘Dizzy Blonde’ and ‘Slack Alice’ to stop alienating women

Other beers included in the ban were brews named Leg-Spreader and Village Bike, a derogatory term for a woman that has multiple sexual partners.

The 20 highest-paying jobs for women

If you want one of the highest-paying jobs for women, a job in healthcare may be the way to go.
Successful women can fall into the trap of beating themselves up.

Highly successful women can unconsciously choose to suffer because it feels good to feel bad

Successful women can get nervous if their lives are going well because it feels unfamiliar. So they end up internally beating themselves up.
Latisha Rowe was forced to cover up on a flight.

6 times women were ‘dress coded’ in real life

Being "dress coded" or told to cover up and dress less "provocatively" happens in the real world, not just in schools.

Women are 73% more likely to die or get seriously injured in car crashes. Scientists say it might be because the female crash-test dummies designed to...

The average American woman actually weighs 170.5 pounds — a far cry from what car companies believe women weigh.