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"Marines have to be able to carry one another if necessary. USMC Cpl. Gabrielle Green hefts a fellow marine as they ready for deployment on a Navy ship at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Of the 38,000 recruits who enter the corps each year, about 3,500 are women— or, in USMC phrasing, 'female marines.'"

Behind-the-scenes photos give a rare glimpse at women’s lives in the military

Photographer Lynsey Addario followed women in different militaries around the world, capturing intimate portraits of their training and everyday life.
Millennials represent more than half of Boatsetter's clients.

The founder of the ‘Airbnb of yachts’ says the service is attracting millennial women — here’s why

Rental models and safety measures make all the difference for Boatsetter's primary clientele, according to founder Jaclyn Baumgarten.

Women are the biggest supporters of impeachment and want Trump removed by an 18-point margin

The majority of women — 52% — said they either "probably" or "definitely" want the president impeached and removed from office.

The wildly popular TikTok app is becoming an unlikely place for women to talk about infertility and reproductive health — and it’s a clear...

OB-GYNs and women seeking infertility solutions have found a home on TikTok, where informal videos help them connect and educate.
New York Mayor Bloomberg prepares to speak to reporters after his meeting with U.S. Vice President Biden, at the White House in Washington

Michael Bloomberg’s past comments about women and rape will likely haunt him on the 2020 campaign trail

Bloomberg has long been accused of making offensive and belittling remarks about women's appearances and sexuality.
MBUSA and Mattel have joined forces to support STEM/STEAM for young women.

Mercedes-Benz and Mattel have joined forces to combat gender stereotypes — and to give away 50,000 classic Matchbox cars

The companies, in collaboration with several other partners, have commenced a "No Limits" program, which began on Friday.

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The search for the best tote bag is as difficult and endless as the search for the holy grail. These are the best tote bags for less than $300.

The best bras of 2019

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The best stylish sneakers for women

Sneakers aren't just for working out. We've rounded up the best stylish sneakers for women, from classic pairs to the trendiest out there.