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A selection of trendy ear cuffs and hoop earrings from BaubleBar.

This website is my best-kept secret for finding trendy but affordable jewelry — it’s also a great place to shop for Mother’s Day gi...

Jewelry makes a great Mother's Day gift. If you're looking to get Mom some special baubles, we recommend checking out BaubleBar.

The internet can’t stop talking about these leggings made of recycled water bottles — and now I understand why

You might know Girlfriend Collective as the company that was giving away free leggings on the internet in 2016. Here's our full review.

A lingerie startup used feedback from 6 million women to make the perfect wireless bra — and it works for larger cup sizes

Hands down, this is the best and most comfortable bra I've ever bought. It's wireless, but somehow still gives larger cup sizes the support they need.
Everlane makes the perfect trench coat for spring, and it's only $138.

Everlane’s $140 trench coat looks like it should cost a lot more — I’ve had it for 2 years and get asked about it all the time

The Drape Trench Coat looks like it should cost a lot more than $138 — Everlane says traditional retailers would probably sell the coat for $335.

This affordable swimsuit company fits their designs on their employees instead of fit models — 5 of us tried them and they fit each of us incred...

Helen Jon fits all of its bikini and one-piece swimsuits on its employees who provide feedback to get a supportive fit that works for more women.

Spanx has become synonymous with shapewear, but its bras are the company’s hidden gems — here’s why we love them

Spanx is best-known for its shapewear, but its bras are equally as great. We asked 6 women to test styles like the Bra-llelujah!, Pillow Cup, and more.

The best places to buy dress shoes for women

These are the best places to shop women's dress shoes online whether you want heels, flats, booties, or another type of shoe.
The Day Loafer is the newest member of Everlane's Day family.

6 women put Everlane’s new $155 Day Loafer to the test — here’s how it stacked up

Everlane's newest release, the Day Loafer, boasts the classic style of a loafer with the comfort of a simple slip-on. We wore them around NYC — here's what you should know before buyingt.

These flexible $95 sneakers are knit from a stretchy material that requires no break-in period — and they can pack completely flat

Suavs are the travel-friendly shoes you've probably seen on social media. The limited collection combines 3D-printed knit, low-density rubber soles, and removable insoles to make uniquely comfortable shoes that don't require a break-in period. For $95, they're a pretty great option.

An eco-friendly footwear startup is turning plastic bottles into beautiful sneakers — each pair diverts 17 plastic bottles from landfills and ro...

Vivobarefoot, a leading name in 'barefoot' shoes, is now making its footwear out of recycled water bottles. Rather than heading to a landfill or the ocean to decompose over the next 400 years, the PET bottles will become new high-performance, durable shoes. It's not out of character for a company that makes products based on the idea that "nature knows best."