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Activists projected the phrase, ‘Kavanaugh is a sexual predator’ onto a courthouse building in Washington

A women's rights group called UltraViolet projected the message "Kavanaugh is a sexual predator" onto the US Court of Appeals building where Kavanaugh is currently working as a judge. The group previously projected the message "Roe V Wade is more popular than Brett Kavanaugh" onto the Supreme Court.
1st. Lt. Misashi Matsushima, the first woman fighter pilot in Japan's Air Self Defense Force.

This is Japan’s first woman fighter pilot, who says she was inspired by ‘Top Gun’

Japan has been trying to open its military to more women, and it just picked the service's first woman fighter pilot, whose selection comes amid a broader effort to grow the armed forces.

Saudi Arabia calls Canada one of the world’s worst oppressors of women in bizarre crusade

In Canada, women have full legal rights to seek employment, access family planning and abortion services, and express their gender identities and sexual preferences as they see fit. In Saudi Arabia, women need permission to marry, get an advanced education or a job, or to travel abroad.

Argentina rejects bill to legalize abortion – pushing back against a wave of support from a pro-choice movement in the Latin American country th...

Argentine senators rejected a bill to legalize abortion after an impassioned debate ran into the early hours of Thursday. The Senate voted 38 to 31 against the proposed measure, which would have legalized a woman's right to seek an abortion into the 14th week of pregnancy.

Saudi Arabian women can now drive — here are the biggest changes they’ve seen in just over a year

Women in Saudi Arabia were finally allowed to begin driving on Sunday, a culmination of a decades-long rights campaign. But Saudi women have seen many changes this past year as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ascended to the throne and began modernizing the Kingdom.

Women do not need the Equal Rights Amendment

Opinion: American women already have equality under the law. Decades after it was written, the Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA, is being described as a vital addition to the US Constitution.

Vogue Arabia has been called out for its cover on ‘trailblazing’ Saudi women after the country just arrested a dozen women’s rights ...

Vogue Arabia's June 2018 spread on "trailblazing" Saudi women has been called out for being "tone deaf." The cover features a Saudi princess behind the wheel of a car, and made no mention of the nearly dozen women's rights activists connected to the driving movement who were arrested last week.
Saudi women sit in a stadium for the first time to attend an event in the capital Riyadh on September 23, 2017 after an effective ban on women in sports arenas ended.

Women in Saudi Arabia can now join the army but still need a male guardian’s permission

Successful candidates must reside with a male guardian and, if they are married, have a Saudi husband.
People participate in the second annual Women's March outside the White House in Washington, January 20, 2018.

Women’s March 2.0: Protesters flooded the streets to rally against Trump presidency on its one-year anniversary

The second annual Women's March took place on Saturday as thousands poured into the street in cities across the US to protest against Donald Trump.