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Woody Allen.

Amazon is reportedly having ‘serious conversations’ about ending its deal with Woody Allen, and had trouble getting ‘Wonder Wheel...

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Woody Allen is the latest target and Amazon is reportedly considering cutting ties with the director.
Kate Winslet in "Wonder Wheel."

Kate Winslet recently said ‘on some level Woody is a woman’ because Woody Allen writes female characters so well

Kate Winslet praised controversial "Wonder Wheel" director Woody Allen's ability to craft female characters.
Ginny grows weary of Humpty's daughter in the "Wonder Wheel" trailer.

Kate Winslet is already sparking Oscar talk after the trailer for Woody Allen’s new film ‘Wonder Wheel’

Woody Allen's newest film promises a glimpse into the darker side of Coney Island, and a great performance from Oscar-winner Kate Winslet.