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Woody Allen, Farrow's estranged father.

Woody Allen filed a $68 million lawsuit against Amazon Studios alleging it unfairly killed his movie deal

The writer-director Woody Allen has sued Amazon Studios alleging breach of contract and seeking more than $68 million in damages.
Christina Engelhardt at the 2006 Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Actress claims she had a secret 8-year relationship with Woody Allen that started in the 1970s when she was 16

Babi Christina Engelhardt said they were in a relationship while Allen publicly dated Mia Farrow, and the three slept together multiple times.
Javier Bardem, Rebecca Hall, and Woody Allen at a screening of "Vicky Christina Barcelona" in 2008.

Javier Bardem says Woody Allen is receiving a ‘public lynching’ — and people are furious

Actor Javier Bardem defended Woody Allen, saying Allen is getting a "public lynching." Allen allegedly sexually assaulted Dylan Farrow when she was seven years old in 1992. He hasn't been proven guilty in court, but the charges have renewed importance amid the #MeToo movement.
Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn.

A profile of Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen’s wife, draws accusations of bias and ‘bizarre fabrications’ relating to Dylan Farrow’...

A new profile of Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen's wife, published by Vulture has drawn criticism for its portrayal of Dylan Farrow's abuse allegation against Allen. Social media users accused New York Magazine of publishing a biased article, due to the author's decades-long friendship with Allen.
Ray Liotta.

Ray Liotta says he doesn’t believe the Woody Allen sexual-assault allegations

Ray Liotta said he would drop everything to work with Woody Allen, despite the sexual-assault allegations against the director. "I don't buy it," the actor said.
Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez and "Shades of Blue."

Ray Liotta on working with Jennifer Lopez, why he’s been in only one Scorsese movie, and not believing the Woody Allen sexual-misconduct allegat...

Ray Liotta sat down for far-ranging interview about his move to TV with the series "Shades of Blue," why he hasn't been in a Martin Scorsese movie since "Goodfellas," and why he doesn't believe the Woody Allen sexual-misconduct allegations.

Woody Allen says he should be a ‘poster child’ for the #MeToo movement because none of the actresses he’s worked with have accused h...

Director Woody Allen said in an interview Monday that he doesn't like that he is grouped with men like Harvey Weinstein when #MeToo is discussed.
Woody Allen.

Amazon is reportedly on the hook for 4 more Woody Allen movies, and considering a ‘hefty payout’ to kill the deal

Amazon is reportedly considering a "hefty payout" to end a five-movie deal it signed with Woody Allen in 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Woody Allen.

10 actors who have publicly denounced Woody Allen or donated their salaries to charity after working on his movies

Dylan Farrow's continued allegation that Woody Allen sexually assaulted her has shifted the perspective of stars like Greta Gerwig and Timothée Chalamet.
Woody Allen.

Amazon is reportedly having ‘serious conversations’ about ending its deal with Woody Allen, and had trouble getting ‘Wonder Wheel...

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Woody Allen is the latest target and Amazon is reportedly considering cutting ties with the director.