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Elon Musk says he aged 5 years from running Tesla in 2018 — but experts think that kind of work ethic is dangerous

Elon Musk said the stress of running Tesla in 2018 made him feel like he aged five years. But research finds working too much is a dangerous habit.
LionTree founder Aryeh Bourkoff

This is the most grueling bank on Wall Street where young bankers say they work 90 hours a week

Co-founded by former UBS media investment banker Aryeh Bourkoff, LionTree Advisors is well-known for working on high profile transactions that are reshaping the telecom, tech, and media landscape. This includes advising Charter on its attempt to by Time Warner Cable and Snap on its IPO.
They're not the first company to see these results. Perpetual Guardian employees not pictured.

A New Zealand company that tried 4-day workweeks says people were more creative, more punctual, and more energetic — and they want to keep it go...

A New Zealand company recently tried out a four-day workweek, and employees were so much happier and more productive that the CEO wants to make it a permanent change.

South Korea is trying to stop overwork by limiting the maximum workweek to 52 hours

South Korea has lowered its workweek from 68 to 52 hours a week. Larger firms that break the new rules could be fined up to $17,815 or face two years in prison.

It turns out working around the clock won’t kill you — unless you’re a specific personality type

A study finds that working long hours isn't tied to worse health, but workaholism is. That means it's okay to log late nights and weekends if you love your job.