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You don't necessarily need a degree to get a high-paying job.

Blue-collar jobs like plumbing pay $90,000 without a college degree, and it’s driving more workers to trade school

Trade schools are touting how much more money skilled workers can make without needing a four-year college degree.
Don't fall down an internet rabbit hole on the job.

These internet-blocking apps keep me from getting distracted on the job — and they’ve become essential tools in my work arsenal

Internet-blocking apps block me from accessing certain websites — or the internet itself — until I'm done with my work.
A capsule wardrobe might make choosing what to wear to work this summer less of a hassle.

18 people share the most annoying things their co-workers do

Dealing with co-workers can be frustrating, especially since you spend so much time together. We rounded up
You spend at least 40 hours a week with coworkers. It will be much more enjoyable if you've got a good working relationship.

How to make your coworkers like you, in 60 seconds or less

There are quick and easy things you can do to get on good terms with your coworkers.

7 ways American work habits have changed in the past 10 years

Work culture in America looks very different today than it did a decade ago.

Dai is the next big women’s performance workwear brand you should know — here’s what its clothes look and feel like

New women's workwear startup Dai combines sleek, stylish silhouettes with properties of activewear — stretchy, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and machine-washable.
Snowplow parenting is the new helicopter parenting.

A new kind of nightmare ‘snowplow’ parent is calling their kids’ employers to talk about issues their children are having at work

Snowplow parents book their adult children haircuts, text their college kids to wake them up so they don't sleep through a test, and even call their kids' employers.
The Weston Laptop Bag in Dark Moss

This $155 laptop bag is one of the smartest we’ve ever carried to work — here’s why professionals will love it

Dagne Dover's new laptop bags balance fashion and function. Here's why they're the perfect everyday work bag for professionals.

5 ways you’re making your job harder than it needs to be

If you're not an efficient worker, you'll spend too much time getting too little done.

The 14 most common work-from-home jobs in America, and how much money you can make doing them

More than 4 million Americans worked from home for at least half of the workweek last year, and that number is only going up.