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The best whey protein powders you can buy

Add protein to your diet with whey powders. These are the best whey protein powders that you can add to your workout and health routine.

I tried Barry’s Bootcamp, the intense fitness class that’s become a hub of VC networking and tech deals. I walked out with a lot of sweat ...

After a tweet went viral joking about how VCs love Barry's Bootcamp, we had to see what networking inside the intense fitness program was like.
Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst.

What it takes to be Miss USA, according to the 28-year-old lawyer Cheslie Kryst who just won the 2019 pageant

The former Miss North Carolina USA followed a strict workout routine leading up to the contest, which required her to wake up at 4:45 a.m. everyday.
Protein bars such as Myprotein's 6 Layer Bar can be a convenient way to refuel after exercising.

Muscle-building protein bars can be just as bad for you as a chocolate bar. Here’s how to tell which ones are actually healthy.

Many protein bars are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners, surprisingly high in calories, and some aren't even that high in protein.
Vi Sense Wireless Headphones are like a personal trainer in your pocket.

These $150 Bluetooth headphones have an AI personal trainer built into them — here’s how they help me with my fitness plan and keep me mot...

These $143 wireless headphones have an AI-powered personal trainer inside. She's been guiding me through a new workout plan, and I love it.

Fasting? No sweat. Half of all Malaysian Muslims continue to work out during Ramadan to keep fit, survey finds

But 7 in 10 said the hardest thing during fasting was not drinking water.

16 pairs of workout leggings we swear by for everything from yoga to distance running

I asked my coworkers to share the workout leggings they rely on every day to keep up with their runs, yoga classes, and more.
The gym doesn't have to be an intimidating place.

4 of the best tips for beginners at the gym

It's common to feel anxious about going to the gym, especially if you're a beginner. Here's why you should embrace the experience, not fear it.
I used to just stretch my legs and drink lots of water after a run, but I've recently started incorporating protein shakes into my post-work routine.

6 products I use to keep me motivated to work out even when I’d rather take a nap

I've slowly developed a workout routine that doesn't suck all the joy out of my life. Here are 6 things that help me stay on track and motivated.
Eric and Ryan Johnson.

Here’s why Scarlett Johansson’s personal trainers suggest always eating dark chocolate before a workout

Eating some high quality dark chocolate before a workout not only gives you an energy boost but also creates a positive feedback loop.