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Singapore is the world’s second-most competitive economy: WEF

Singapore is the world's second-most competitive economy.
Protesters calling for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to step down cheer in front of a military vehicle in Harare, Zimbabwe, November 18, 2017.

The 31 most corrupt countries in the world

The countries seen as most corrupt tend to be in Africa, Central America, and the Middle East, in societies with weak legal and governmental systems and widespread poverty.

The 25 best countries in the world to be an entrepreneur starting a company

The World Economic Forum ranked each country according to its business environment and innovation. If you're looking for the best place to build a business, you may not have to look far.

25 countries where people learn fast, think on their feet, and accomplish a lot at work, ranked

Which countries across the globe boast the most highly-skilled workforces? The World Economic Forum just released its 2018 global competitiveness report breaking down the most skilled labor forces around the world. Finland came out on top.

The 16 healthiest countries in the world

Each year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Competitiveness Report on the state of economies around the world. The 2018 report, which was released Tuesday, put the US in 47th place out of 140 entries when it comes to health. Here are the 16 countries at the top.
A Geneva police staff holds his position for the arrival of British Foreign Secretary William Hague at Geneva International airport in Geneva November 23, 2013.

Davos is holding a referendum to see if its citizens want to keep paying to protect world leaders and bankers at the World Economic Forum

The bill for security at the annual World Economic Forum is rising by 10% for Davos next year and the 13,000 residents of the Swiss Alpine town are preparing to vote on whether they will foot the cost, with some saying they’ve had enough.
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivers remarks during a dedication ceremony to mark the opening of the new campus of Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island, September 13, 2017 in New York City.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is launching a rival to Davos — and it’s all about China

Bloomberg has called on two veteran China experts to assist him with the conference, bringing in former US Secretary of State and the father of modern Realpolitik Henry Kissinger and financial crisis-era Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to help plan and launch the conference.

The 10 most critical problems in the world, according to millennials

The World Economic Forum conducted a survey of 26,000 millennials around the globe to gauge their priorities, concerns, and attitudes on world issues.

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi’s long-term strategy put her job in jeopardy — but now the numbers are in, and the analysts who doubted her will h...

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said at Davos that her story is an illustration of why long-term strategies will outperform solely chasing quarterly targets.

At Davos, economists and execs say the strategies that led major corporations to world domination in the past won’t work anymore

Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget led a Davos discussion on "better capitalism" that included PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz.