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Dan Brown has a new MasterClass series that breaks down his writing techniques.

‘The Da Vinci Code’ author Dan Brown explains how he overcame self-doubt and became a bestselling writer who’s sold 250 million book...

Dan Brown is one of the world's most successful fiction writers. But to get to that point, he had to endure years of failed projects.

The best lesson I’ve learned at work made a world of difference in my personal life as well

Author Charyn Pfeuffer describes how learning to set boundaries in her work and life allowed her to be happier and more successful.

My 15-minute daily ritual to be more productive had an unexpected consequence that was even more valuable

Author Devon Delfino improved her confidence and productivity by taking time to review her accomplishments each day.

9 words and phrases people think are wrong, but are actually correct

When it comes to language, much of what we learn in school is at odds with how language actually works. Take the word "literally," for example.

Need to Know podcast: How to write a referral letter

Also wanted to know how to perfect the referral letter? Here's how.

27 incredibly common spelling mistakes that make you look less intelligent

There isn't a strong link between good spelling and intelligence, but that doesn't mean spelling mistakes don't matter. Proper spelling makes people perceive you as more intelligent and can increase your chances of getting a job.
Look out for these common grammar errors in any writing you do.

10 embarrassing grammar mistakes you’re probably making without realizing it

10 embarrassing grammar mistakes you're probably making without realizing it
You may not know that you're making these grammar errors.

9 grammar rules you’re probably breaking without realizing it

Grammar rules often get overlooked in the daily flow of conversation. Stepping back and thinking about your message can help you use the right grammar when speaking or writing. Here are nine grammar rules you're probably breaking without even realizing.

The idea that we each have a ‘learning style’ is bogus — here’s why

There's no real evidence that different people learn better visually, orally, or by doing.
President Donald Trump's unusual way of capitalizing words has caught the attention of writers and linguists.

Trump has an unusual habit of capitalizing random words in his tweets — writing experts take their best guesses why

For as long as Trump has been tweeting, he has demonstrated a bizarre habit of capitalizing words that aren't typically capitalized.