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There are several different ways to copy and paste on a Chromebook.

How to copy and paste on a Chromebook in 4 different ways

You can copy and paste on a Chromebook in several ways, either through a few different keyboard commands or by right-clicking.
Your professor for the comma class.

14 rules for using commas without looking like a fool

Even the slickest grammarian struggles with proper comma use, so we compiled a list of the places in a sentence you'll need one — using ducks.
You can tab on an iPhone in the Pages app with a few taps.

How to indent or ‘tab’ on your iPhone in the Pages app to properly format your documents

To tab on your iPhone in the Pages app, you'll need to use a special menu bar, which you can access with a few taps to add a proper indentation.

People said majoring in English was a waste of time and money — but here are 5 ways I use it in my everyday life

Studying English not only gave me a great education, but also five important tools that I use on a daily basis.

I made 4 mistakes at the beginning of my freelance writing career, but they changed the way I do business

Every freelancer can learn from this writer's mistakes. For one thing, knowing your own worth is critical to the success of a freelance business.

The best notebooks you can buy

A good paper notebook is indispensable to students, professionals, and artists alike. These are the best notebooks you can buy.
There's a standard way to hold a pencil, but that doesn't mean it's the only way.

There’s no ‘right’ way to hold a pencil but one way is considered to be the ‘gold standard’

Ultimately, when it comes to taking notes with any writing utensil, it's all about what feels the most comfortable and natural for you.
Don't rely on you résumé if you're applying for a job at Basecamp, said Jason Fried, pictured.

A tech CEO explains why he ‘throws résumés out the door’ — but places huge value on the cover letter

Your résumé and credentials are basically irrelevant at Basecamp. Instead, CEO Jason Fried wants to see how you do on a sample work project.
Inserting a hanging indent (a style requirement for forms like works cited pages) takes a few quick steps in Google Docs.

How to make a hanging indent in Google Docs, for works cited pages and other forms

Here's a quick guide on how to do a hanging indent in Google Docs. Hanging indents are often a style requirement for documents like works cited pages.

24 of the hardest words to have won the National Spelling Bee

The National Spelling Bee has gotten harder and harder since it started in 1925. Take a look at some of the most difficult words in the history of the competition.