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Google Ventures chief: If tech only serves ‘rich white people in Silicon Valley, then we’ve failed’

Google Ventures founder Bill Maris is looking for technologies that will spread healthcare all around the world.

Mark Cuban dishes the dirt on the success rate of his ‘Shark Tank’ investments

"Of the 71 startups that I've invested in through Shark Tank, two have gone out of business, three are so stupid they don't know they're out of business ..."

Google ad boss: Ad blockers are ‘a blunt instrument and we need to be worried’

At a recent conference, Google ads SVP Sridhar Ramaswamy called ad blockers a 'blunt instrument' that should have the ad industry worried.

Here’s why billionaire investor Yuri Milner has 50 TVs in his home

Billionaire investor Yuri Milner lives by a routine. Every day, he wears nearly the same outfit and eats nearly the same meals.

Travis Kalanick says Uber needs self-driving cars to avoid ending up like the taxi industry

"That Uber, a five-year-old company has the potential to be distrupted if we don't do this right, is super fascinating," he said.

NSA chief: This is what keeps me up at night

Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, outlines three of the cyber-threats that he thinks are coming.

Mark Cuban says his basketball team is a ‘technology product’

Speaking at Wall Street Journal's conference on Tuesday, Mark Cuban talks about how the Mavericks have evolved sine he bought a stake.

Bill Maris: Here’s why Google Ventures didn’t invest in Theranos

The biotech start-up Theranos is under fire since an investigation by The WSJ. Bill Maris, founder of Google Ventures, explains why his team didn't invest.

Tim Cook: Apple Music has 6.5 million paid subscribers

Apple CEO Tim Cook sheds some light on how many users its Apple Music streaming service has so far.