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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Chris Christie says Trump’s staff ‘served him poorly’ for booking Fox News interview in-front of graveyard on D-Day

"I'd argue that when Sarah Sanders, or whoever made those decisions to put him in those positions — put him there, they ill-served him," Christie said.
Company E, was one of the first divisions to land on the beach during the Normandy invasion.

5 legendary speeches delivered on D-Day’s blood-stained battlefields and beyond over 75 years

"Whenever the world makes you cynical, stop and think of these men. Whenever you lose hope, stop and think of these men."
Julius Shoulars, a 94-year-old US Navy veteran, recalls his service during WWII as a coxswain who took part in the D-Day invasion and fought across the Pacific.

Meet the Navy veteran who hit the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, and then went island-hopping in the Pacific

As a Navy coxswain, Julius Shoulars spent nearly a month on Omaha Beach after the D-Day landings, directing landing craft and burying the dead.
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower told his invasion force, "Your task will not be an easy one." He was brutally right.

The 4 most dangerous missions American troops carried out on D-Day, 75 years ago

From a daring clifftop assault under to setting up air defense balloons under withering fire, these were D-Day's most dangerous and crucial missions.
US Rangers climbing the cliffs of Point du Hoc on June 5, 2019

US Army Rangers just scaled towering seaside cliffs to re-enact one of D-Day’s most dangerous missions

These photos show the past and present of the assault on Pointe du Hoc, one of the most daring and dangerous missions US troops carried out on D-Day.

8 famous people who served on D-Day

June 6 will be the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy in World War II. Here are 8 famous people you probably didn't know served on D-Day.
Photos posted to the Facebook page of a Charlotte, North Carolina, museum show fire damage to a statue of WWII Major General William C. Lee.

World War II museum blames ‘some jerk punk’ for setting fire to what they may have thought was a Confederate monument. It’s actually...

A North Carolina museum is accusing vandals of trying to burn a statue of a World War II veteran after mistaking it for a Confederate monument.
The USS Hornet's five-inch gun in a still from video footage of the moment the WWII aircraft carrier was found.

A WWII US aircraft carrier, lost for 76 years, has been found on the floor of the South Pacific Ocean

The USS Hornet, which sank in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, was discovered by Vulcan, founded by the late Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen.
US Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade George Bush is rescued off the island of Chichi Jima, September 2, 1944.

Watch George H.W. Bush being rescued by the US Navy after his plane was shot down by Japanese forces in WWII

During a bombing attack against a Japanese island, George H.W. Bush's aircraft was hit with anti-aircraft fire.
View of Princeton's after port side and flight deck, seen from the light cruiser USS Birmingham (CL-62) as she came alongside to help fight fires during the afternoon of 24 October 1944. Note the aircraft elevator blown out of position and turned upside down, and the flight deck buckled by the hangar deck explosions that followed a Japanese bomb hit

Intense photos show the WWII Battle of Leyte Gulf — the biggest naval battle of all-time

The Battle of Leyte Gulf was a decisive Allied victory over the Japanese Navy, which unfolded over the course of three days.