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The New York Times headquarters.

Here’s how liberal or conservative consumers of major news outlets are

A new report found that major American online news outlets have more politically polarized audiences than their counterparts in any other country.

‘There is no possible way you could get me to read that book’: Chaffetz fires back after Clinton took a swipe at him in her campaign memoi...

Jason Chaffetz, the former Republican representative from Utah, hurled an insult back at Hillary Clinton after she claimed to mistake him for Reince Priebus.

Katie Couric is leaving her Yahoo anchor role just weeks into Oath’s reign

The superstar journalist was supposed to save Yahoo from demise, but then it got bought by Verizon.

Yahoo anchor confronts Trump secretary of state candidate over Russian human-rights abuses

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher denied that Russia committed human-rights abuses while at the same time denouncing China in a testy exchange with a Yahoo News anchor.

The Huffington Post CEO is walking back from reportedly ripping Yahoo News as an aggregation site

Huffington Post and Yahoo News are already showing signs of tension, although they'll be both owned by Verizon soon.