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14 apps everyone should have on their phone

Most people spend the vast majority of their time in just a handful of apps. These are the best ones everyone should have.

Look how primitive your favorite iPhone apps used to be

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram look pretty different today than when they first launched.

Google says it will continue to allow other websites to opt out of web crawling after its agreement with the FTC expires

Google agreed five years ago to let sites opt out of content "scraping." It will maintain the agreement after it expires.

Take an inside look at the offices of Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, and 11 more high-profile employers

Here's a look inside the offices of Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Spotify, Kickstarter, Etsy, Twitter, Adobe, and more.
A Yelp reviewer became angry when he realized he was served Popeyes chicken at a California restaurant.

Angry Yelpers are torching a California restaurant for selling Popeyes chicken as its own $13 dish

A Yelp reviewer became angry when he realized he was served Popeyes chicken at a California restaurant. The restaurant claims it didn't deceive him.

Read Yelp’s full letter to the FTC accusing Google of violating its deal with the government

Yelp escalated its battle with Google this week with a letter to the FTC claiming that Google was breaking the terms of a settlement by using images from Yelp.

Yelp’s stock is skyrocketing on the news that it’s selling Eat24 for $287.5 million to Grubhub

Yelp said it is selling Eat24 to Grubhub for $287.5 million in an all cash deal.

Look at the evidence: Google’s troubles in Europe are entirely of its own making

The company created an army of enemies and a ton of evidence against itself.
ZeroCater's mission is to "make it easy for companies to feed their people."

This founder went from scooping ice cream to running a $250 million startup that caters lunch for Salesforce, BuzzFeed, and Fandango — here...

ZeroCater takes care of the logistics of office catering. Founder and CEO Arram Sabeti got the idea while working as an office manager at a tech startup, where he was charged with ordering lunch for the team.