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I’ve had my Yeti Hopper for more than 3 years, but the newest version has a magnetic closure that is much easier on my wrists than a zipper R...

Yeti makes some of the best coolers in the world. They've improved even more with their new m30. We tested out the cooler on a camping trip.
If this is what your weekend, or life, looks like, then there's no question as to whether this is the cooler for you.

In defense of the overbuilt cooler: Why Yeti, Rtic, Vibe, and the like, are worth it

Does everyone need a Yeti? Here's why (and why not) you should buy an "overbuilt" cooler.
This photo may or may not be backlit, but I wanted you to see the beautiful island by which I had my lunch from the Daytrip.

Yeti’s new cooler is the lunch bag you never knew you needed — here’s why it’s worth $80

If you're fed up with only getting a couple years' worth of play out of a $20 lunchbox, Yeti's $80 Daytrip is the lunch bag to last a lifetime.

The best new gear we saw at Outdoor Retailer’s 2019 summer market

We went to Outdoor Retailer's 2019 Summer Market in search of the best new products. Here are the best things we saw at the show.

India claims to have found the Abominable Snowman’s footprint in the Himalayan mountains

An Indian mountaineering team said it found the footprints belonging to the "mythical beast" in April.
Supporters of the National Rifle Association are destroying Yeti products.

People are blowing up Yeti coolers over claims the company cut ties with the NRA

Yeti denies that it cut ties with the National Rifle Association, but people are still crushing, shooting, and blowing up its products in videos posted online.
A femur bone from the decayed body of a purported Yeti found in a cave in Tibet.

The secrets of the mysterious Yeti have been revealed by genetics

Over the years, the Yeti hasn't just been spotted from a distance — people in the Himalayas have collected bones, teeth, hair, feces, and more.