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Singapore-based Shopee is still the number one brand Malaysians recommend to their family and friends: YouGov

For the second year running, Shopee's viral marketing campaigns and constant shopping promotions have won over the hearts of consumers, YouGov's head of data products Ervin Ha said. 
Boris Johnson

The UK could be heading for another hung parliament as Boris Johnson’s poll lead is cut in half

YouGov's final MRP projection gave the Conservatives a small majority of 28 but the polling firm said it could not rule out a hung parliament.

Nearly half of Singaporeans think maids should be paid less than S$600 a month: YouGov survey

Most people said domestic helpers should be paid from S$500 but below S$600.

What spooks you? Singaporeans’ greatest fears are drowning, fire and germs, survey shows

Takut? Singaporeans are more afraid of germs than hantu, a survey found.

Singapore is the first country to ban advertisements for high-sugar drinks – here’s what will happen

Drinks with medium-to-high sugar content will have to carry compulsory "unhealthy" labels.

One in 10 Singaporeans think they’re headed to hell when they die – and most don’t want to live forever, survey finds

Many Singaporeans say they would die happy, if death came knocking tomorrow.

The Internet’s most admired people are Bill Gates and Michelle Obama, survey finds

Mrs Obama beat out actress Angelina Jolie for the top spot.

Almost 3 in 5 Singaporeans would support a total ban on high-sugar drinks: Survey

How far would you be willing to go to protect your health? Many Singaporeans don't mind a sugar ban.

Almost 50% of Malaysian parents think physical punishment should be allowed in schools: YouGov

But some parents think that physical punishment at home or at school should be made illegal.