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Malaysia Airlines is still well-loved by Malaysians – but not quite by Singaporeans and Hong Kongers

Customers of Malaysia Airlines are most likely married men aged 30 to 44, who earn more than RM10,000 a month.
British Prime Minister Theresa May outside Downing Street.

The closer we get to Brexit, the more solid the majority against it is

While the UK government struggles to deliver Brexit, the British public is increasingly against leaving the European Union, according to polls.

Malaysians are number one fans of their own cuisine – but other nations aren’t liking it that much, study finds

Malaysians love tom yum and pad thai, but apparently, Thai people are not loving Malaysia's food half as much.

Singaporeans may like many foreign foods – but other nations aren’t big fans of Singaporean cuisine, study finds

Singaporeans love ramen and chawanmushi, but apparently, Japanese people are not loving Singapore food half as much.

This is how much Singapore’s lovebirds are planning to splurge on gifts this Valentine’s Day

Some people are planning on gifting gifts that don't cost any money at all.

Labour will lose a big chunk of voters if it doesn’t oppose Brexit, a new poll finds

A YouGov poll of nearly 5,000 people found that Labour will be 9% behind the Conservatives if it doesn't oppose Britain's exit from the European Union, with pro-EU voters switching to the Liberal Democrats.
Theresa May

Support for a People’s Vote on Brexit surges as UK heads closer to a no-deal Brexit

A majority of people in the UK want a referendum on the final Brexit deal and would vote to stay in the EU if asked again, according to a new YouGov poll of over 10,000 people.
Brexit protest.

The British public now backs a second Brexit referendum

Support for a second referendum has been gradually rising. However, support for remaining in the European Union does not appear to have increased significantly in the past two years, and Leave could still win.
Morgan Freeman.

The 10 actors who Americans like the most

Morgan Freeman, the Hollywood actor and voiceover legend, is the most well-liked contemporary actor in the US, according to polling data from the analytic firm YouGov.