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Shane Dawson spoke about Dasani water bottles in a new video about conspiracy theories.

A top YouTuber slammed Dasani over additive conspiracy theories. Experts say they don’t hold water.

A trend of dunking on the taste and ingredients of Dasani bottled water. Here's what to know about the Dasani water controversy.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

YouTube will delete videos that falsely link 5G to the novel coronavirus after reports of people setting phone masts on fire

A theory that 5G has somehow caused the novel coronavirus has proliferated online.
YouTube creators Lauren Riihimaki, or LaurDIY, and Jordyn Rebecca, wearing outfits they tie-dyed themselves at home.

People are so obsessed with tie-dying their clothes that it’s becoming the hottest quarantine pastime and fashion trend

Tie dye is taking the internet by storm, thanks to YouTube and TikTok. The nostalgic craft is bringing people joy while they're stuck at home.
Chris Mann's "Hello (From the Inside)" video has over 6 million views on YouTube.

A man’s parody of Adele’s ‘Hello’ about being stuck inside is the relatable quarantine humor we all need

Chris Mann, a singer-songwriter and former contestant on "The Voice," has released other humorous takes on hit songs like "Vogue" and "My Sharona."
A YouTube video touting a vaccine for COVID-19, although a vaccine doesn't yet exist.

Scammers and grifters are hawking face masks and fake coronavirus vaccines on YouTube, and the platform only took down many of the videos after being ...

Scammers have cost consumers $5 million, using platforms like YouTube to advertise masks, hand sanitizers, and a coronavirus cure that doesn't exist.

Robin Williams’ estate has launched a YouTube channel showing the late actor’s stand-up routines

Videos have already been uploaded, including two clips from Williams' 2002 show "Robin Williams Live on Broadway," and more will be posted every week.

Top brands suspend influencer affiliate programs, how social-media viewer habits are changing, and running sponsored posts during a crisis

This week's rundown includes how nano influencers make money on TikTok and how one creator is planning to launch a collab house.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, left, and TikTok global head Alex Zhu.

YouTube is reportedly planning to launch an in-app rival to viral video-sharing app TikTok before the end of 2020

Shorts could pose a real threat to TikTok, by using its ties to YouTube, in a way that other companies have been unable to do.

How the coronavirus is changing the influencer business, according to marketers and top Instagram and YouTube creators

Business Insider spoke to influencer-marketing professionals across the industry to learn how they're adjusting during the coronavirus pandemic.
A view of the Magic Happens parade at Disneyland on February 27.

Disney is streaming its new parade with characters from ‘Frozen’ and ‘Moana’ to bring magic to people’s homes

The parade first debuted in Disneyland, and features characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, and Elsa. A recording can now be found on YouTube.