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The experiment could have gone better, but it also could have gone worse.

I tried the popular beauty hack that turns pimples into fake freckles — here’s why I wouldn’t recommend it

As of late, Youtube stars are promoting the idea that, with the right makeup, pimples could come to look like freckles. I put the idea to the test and found it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.
Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO.

The world is so dependent on YouTube for videos that people frantically searched for alternatives during its 90-minute outage

YouTube's site went down for nearly 90 minutes on Tuesday and that sent scores of viewers hunting for alternatives. According to Google Trends, two top rivals saw huge traffic spikes, according to Google Trends.
Logan Paul.

Jake and Logan Paul have been poster boys for bad behavior on YouTube, but they’re also some of the platform’s most talented artists

YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul are controversial and easy to hate. But both are among YouTube's most talented artists. Their videos have an inventive approach to style and structure, and each brother is a talented performer with Hollywood-level charisma.
A view of YouTube's front page during a global outage on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

YouTube went down for over an hour during an abrupt worldwide outage

It's not just you. YouTube is having 'issues' on Tuesday night.
Natasha "Tash" Feldman is a Webby-nominated private chef who has appeared on Food Network's "Chopped."

A private chef who spends up to 7 hours a day cooking uses 2 strategies to save money on groceries no matter where she shops

For 2 1/2 years, Natasha 'Tash' Feldman has been a private chef in Los Angeles, cooking for up to seven hours a day. When she grocery shops, she always buys in-season produce and shops in the sale aisle.
"Nosh with Tash" host Natasha "Tash" Feldman.

A private chef who spends up to 7 hours a day cooking says America’s restaurant obsession has changed the way we treat food — and it expla...

"Nosh with Tash" host Natasha "Tash" Feldman is a Webby-nominated private chef and has appeared on Food Network's "Chopped." She said America's obsession with dining out is raising our standard for food, and people think they can't match that standard with home cooking.
Jake Paul in front of his Team 10 mansion.

Jake Paul’s girlfriend says he lives with all of his assistants because ‘he doesn’t do well with being alone’

YouTube celebrity Jake Paul lives in a mansion with assistants as well as other "Team 10" members. His girlfriend and coworker, Erika Costell, saysit's an enormous amount of pressure to live with a group of people who depend on him for their livelihoods.

You can watch the first 5 original ‘Rocky’ movies for free on YouTube, just in time for ‘Creed II’

"Creed II" comes to theaters in November, but if you're itching for some "Rocky" before that, the first five original movies are currently available to stream for free on YouTube Movies.
RIght-wing talk-show host Alex Jones has been banned from services operated by tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Google — and now Twitter.

Tim Cook says Apple banned Alex Jones because it curates content — not because of politics

Cook also denied that Apple coordinated with other tech companies when it ousted Jones.
Shane Dawson and Jake Paul.

Shane Dawson’s documentary on Jake Paul and sociopaths is being criticized for looking like a ‘horror movie’

The second episode of Shane Dawson's documentary about Jake Paul raises the question of whether the YouTube star — and other influencers — have mental disorders. The direction is being criticized by fans, as is its horror movie-like tone.