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Controversial vlogger Amos Yee, who was granted asylum in the US, has been banned from Facebook and Twitter for promoting paedophilia

Yee posted a message on Facebook offering free lessons to people on how to stand up for paedophiles.

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes says he’s been banned from YouTube over ‘dos and don’ts of public urination’ video

YouTube says that Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has been banned from the video platform.

This guy followed ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ characters for a full day and discovered just how detailed the game really is

The folks at Rockstar Games put an incredible amount of detail into their latest title, "Red Dead Redemption 2."
Which photo looks better to you?

A top YouTuber did a ‘blind’ test to find the very best smartphone camera, and the iPhone lost in the first round

Yes, the Apple iPhone XS has an incredible camera. But perception is reality, and in a blind test the iPhone failed miserably.

This $30,000 rig is the craziest gaming setup we’ve ever seen

If you're into video games, Lewis Hilsenteger's setup is a dream come true.

The 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2018 include the Paul brothers and a 7-year-old toy reviewer — here’s the full list

From trick shots and video games to makeup and toy reviews, YouTube's highest-paid stars are raking in more than $14 million each.

Logan Paul is buying a theory that YouTube is censoring him — but YouTube said it isn’t true

YouTuber Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem has claimed that videos tagged 'Logan Paul' receive fewer views.

Google denies claims that it didn’t alert contractors about the active shooter at YouTube — but at least one temp says it’s a ‘...

In a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Wednesday, contract workers at Google demanded equal opportunity to that of their full-time counterparts.
Qorygore and Logan Paul in Japan's Aokigahara "suicide forest."

Another YouTube star took a video of a dead body in a Japanese ‘suicide forest’

YouTube star Qorygore posted a video of a dead body in a Japanese suicide forest, less than a year after Logan Paul did the same thing.