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Chinese tech giant ZTE is going to run 5G trials for Malaysia

5G networks let users access the internet quickly on trains and planes, and even allow cloud gaming.

This smartphone maker put a selfie camera where no other phone maker has put one before

The ZTE Axon V's selfie camera sticks out from the phone's main body like a fin.

White House mulls new year executive order to bar Huawei, ZTE purchases

The United States says the companies work at the behest of the Chinese government and that their equipment could be used to spy on Americans.

Japan to ban Huawei, ZTE from government contracts: Sources

Japan plans to ban go...

Lawmakers say that China’s reported use of a microchip to target tech giants like Amazon and Apple shows the ‘lengths that Beijing will go...

Lawmakers on the House and Senate said Bloomberg's report that Chinese spies had inserted malicious microchips into motherboards used by tech giants like Apple and Amazon was another example of Beijing's growing campaign to infiltrate the US.

Democrats warn candidates not to use Chinese devices ‘even if the price is low or free’

The Democratic National Committee warned candidates running in the November midterms not to use Chinese-produced devices by ZTE and Huawei, "even if the price is low or free."
President Donald Trump welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago state in Palm Beach, Florida.

Congress is shrugging off its baffling cave to Trump that softened legislation punishing a Chinese telecom giant

"We’ll see if they do something that’s inconsistent with a sort of a second chance they’ve got then I think no matter what President Trump says we’ll come down hard."

Republicans cave to Trump and soften legislation punishing Chinese telecom giant ZTE

Congressional Republicans gave what appears to be a major concession to President Donald Trump on Friday, easing the ban on the Chinese smartphone maker ZTE.
U.S. President Donald Trump takes part in a welcoming ceremony with China's President Xi Jinping on November 9, 2017 in Beijing, China.

US Senate rejects Trump’s deal to lift ban on Chinese tech giant ZTE after intelligence warnings

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 85-10 to pass a defense spending bill that would also overrule a Trump administration deal to lift sanctions on Chinese telecommunications company ZTE. The amendment could be removed as the bill is reconciled with a House version.