Taiwan man’s tongue pierced by ‘needle’ in a Mcdonald’s burger

The Taiwanese man said he experienced a sharp, piercing pain on his tongue after his third bite.
Facebook / 爆料公社

Having a Mcdonald’s burger was not quite the happy meal for a 27-year-old customer in Taiwan who ended up being pierced by a needle-like object embedded inside.

The customer, identified by local media as a man with the surname Shi, said he experienced a sharp, piercing pain on his tongue.

In an article by Taiwan News, Shi was quoted as saying that it was “immensely painful” and that he “bled profusely.”

According to reports by AsiaOne, Shi had bought a burger in the early hours of the morning after he had finished work on Tuesday (March 19), and felt the piercing pain after taking his third bite of the burger.

He returned to the same Mcdonald’s outlet at Beigang Road, Chiayi City on the same day, after taking pictures as evidence. A Mcdonald’s employee then accompanied him to the hospital.

Shi was also refunded for his meal, Taiwan News reported

He then posted an account of his experience on Facebook on Tuesday (March 19).

According to AsiaOne, McDonald’s Taiwan subsequently released a statement that said : “The sharp metal object is believed to have dislodged from cleaning equipment that was not authorised for use.”

Taiwan News also quoted a Health Bureau official as saying that the fast food giant could be fined between NT$60,000 and NT$200 million (US$1,900 and US$6.48 million) if found guilty of negligence.

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