Tampines has communal refrigerators for fishermen to donate their catch to those who need it more – and people are loving the gesture

Refrigerators have been set up as part of a project to give back to the community.
Facebook/Sendra Rybina Sim and Facebook/Albert Lim

Good Samaritans in the Tampines have come together to set up an initiative to benefit less fortunate reisdents.

The estate is of course, home to popular fishing spot Tampines Quay, which attracts many avid fishermen.

The initiative is built around the idea that many of them tend to catch more fish than they require, so why not give the extras to those who might need it.

Then Facebook user Sendra Rybina Sim shared this post a few weeks ago:

It shows refrigerators placed at Block 442 Tampines Street 42 specifically for fishermen to donate their “extra” catch.

On one is a notice that says anybody can take what they need, but should leave some for others in need.

The refrigerators also appear to be monitored as CCTV cameras have been installed above them, and appear to be well-stocked.

Needless to say, the heartwarming gesture has been praised by many on social media: