What to expect from Target’s Black Friday 2019 sale — and what steps you can take to save even more

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Black Friday is, statistically speaking, one of the best days of the year to shop. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to a discount: TVs, cult-favorite cooking products, the latest smart home gadgets … if you go into the shopping event knowing what you want and which retailer is selling it for the lowest price, you can make quick work of a shopping and holiday gifting.

Alongside Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon, Target will likely be offering some of its best discounts of the year.

When does Target release its Black Friday deals?

It depends. This year, there will be a public Black Friday preview sale on November 8 and November 9.

Target will again give RedCard holders early access to shop more than 100 deals all day on Wednesday, November 27. Members of Target Circle (the company’s free loyalty program) will reportedly get early access at 6 p.m. Central Time on November 27.

For everyone else, Target Black Friday deals became available on Thanksgiving morning.

Early Black Friday deals and predictions

Target released its Black Friday ad on November 6. It’s also instituting something called “HoliDeals” which includes discounts dropping throughout the season on thousands of items. That will start on Friday, November 8 with a two-day Black Friday preview sale with reportedly four times as many early deals as last year.

Target’s Black Friday preview sale is November 8-9, 2019. Here’s what to buy:

Here are Target Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals we already know:

And, to keep up with retailers with great shipping policies (cough, Amazon), you may see cheaper expedited shipping. Target already offers free shipping on everything.

Another good rule of thumb is to pay attention to which popular items are being featured in the Black Friday ads of other retailers, like the Instant Pot, or devices like smart home gadgets that are exclusive to select retailers and openly competing with one another. No one likes to be outdone, and even if the same model isn’t on sale at both Amazon and Target, you’re likely to find a different model similarly discounted at a competing retailer. Plus, while major retailers like Target tend to suspend their price-match policy during big sales events, they typically try to price-match sales on popular items with their biggest competitors.

Will Target be open on Thanksgiving?

Yes. Target will be open for an eight-hour shift from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day like it was last year. Doors close at 1 a.m. and re-open again at 7 a.m. on Friday, November 29.

Does Target allow in-store pick-up?

Sometimes, but you may not want to count on it. There are certain items that will be eligible for in-store pickup, but not likely everything you’ll want to buy.

What is Target’s return policy?

For items purchased from November 1 – December 25, the 30-day return period will start on December 26. As usual, RedCard holders have a longer returns window.

Is Target price-matching during Black Friday?

No. Target will price-match between its online and in-store prices, but not with competitors.

However, Target will likely keep prices as close to competitors as possible, and most major retailers tend to adjust prices throughout the day to remain competitive. You just won’t have 14 days to ask for a differential refund if you come across something lower.

Will RedCard holders still get 5% back on purchases at Target through Black Friday?

Yes. You’ll see the return back on your RedCard in one to two business days.

Are there any ways to save even more at Target on Black Friday?

As mentioned, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be a RedCard holder. They typically get early access to the deals, and they get an extra 5% off their purchases. You’ll also get free shipping with no minimum. If you make purchases with a Target Debit Card, Credit Card, or Target Mastercard (all RedCards) you also get an additional 30 days to return a purchase.

You can also get early access for free by joining Target Circle, the retailer’s free loyalty program.

The benefits may be slim in comparison, but it also doesn’t hurt to download the Target app. Retailers with apps are known to push specific coupons or exclusive discounts to those with it downloaded already or to incentivize downloads.

And while it pays to get early access to avoid sellouts, Target is offering incentives for shopping on Black Friday, too. Shoppers who spend $50 (in-store or online) on November 29 get a 20% off coupon to redeem online or in stores December 3 through December 14.

In terms of strategy, the best plan is to have a plan. Make a wish-list of what you’d like to buy day-of by clicking the heart on a Target product. When Black Friday deals open to the public, shop your wish-list and don’t get lost browsing. And prioritize whatever is most likely to sell out first.

As more Black Friday deals drop, we’ll update this page with the best discounts Target is offering and when you can access them.

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