Taylor Swift says she used to worry about what would happen to her career if she was ever happy and couldn’t depend on breakup songs anymore

Taylor Swift performed a Tiny Desk concert for NPR.

Taylor Swift performed a Tiny Desk concert for NPR.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
  • Taylor Swift‘s Tiny Desk concert for NPR was released on Wednesday.
  • During the performance, the singer talked about the inspiration behind the four songs she chose to sing: “The Man,” “Lover,” “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” and “All Too Well.”
  • While discussing “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” Swift revealed that she used to fear what would happen if she was ever “happy” and wouldn’t “be able to write breakup songs anymore.”
  • “I’ve gotten a question over and over again that I think has the potential to seriously deteriorate my mental health,” she said about being asked what she’d write about if she ever experienced constant happiness.
  • While she used to answer the question by saying she’d draw inspiration from other outlets, she said she’d then “go home and be like, ‘What would happen if I was ever happy? Would I not be able to do the thing that I love the most in the world? Would I not be able to write breakup songs anymore? I love breakup songs! They’re so fun to write!'”
  • She later found that she could still write breakup songs while in a healthy relationship, and drew inspiration from her friends’ breakups, movies, and books to come up with the lyrics for “Death by a Thousand Cuts.”
  • “This all culminated in me waking up one day with all these breakup lyrics in my head and i was like, ‘It’s still here! Yes!'” she said.
  • Watch the entire Tiny Desk concert below.
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