Tech companies in Singapore are set to boost their 2018 salary budgets – here are the jobs to go for

If you’re looking for a change in career, you might want to explore jobs in the rapidly developing technology sector.

And you may just get a pay raise too.

In 2018, technology sector salaries in Singapore are projected to rise 4.1% (up from the 4% increase in 2017), revealed the Radford Global Technology Survey.

The survey spans over 2,088 organisations and 82 countries.

More specifically, the hot jobs at technology sector companies in Singapore, which have seen the highest annual increases in market median base salaries over the past three years, include IT support specialists, software QA engineers, and product marketing engineers.

In the face of rising rates of employee turnovers and a strong demand for critical talent, approximately two in three technology companies across the major markets in the Asia Pacific are turning to aggressive or normal hiring plans.

And many are upping the ante when it comes to their 2018 salary budgets.

Australia has the highest median annual voluntary turnover rate of 12.9%, but Singapore doesn’t fall far behind at 12.7%.

So it is no surprise that 6.4% of companies in Singapore have reported aggressive hiring plans.

But simply increasing salary budgets and implementing aggressive recruitment practices is not enough.

In a press statement, Mr Alexander Krasavin, partner and Radford leader for Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa said: “To compete for talent in this region, a rewards strategy focused on compensation is no longer enough”.

“Technology companies must differentiate themselves with an employee value proposition that is built on a strong foundation of career development, work life balance and a sense of purpose.”