These are the tech jobs that have the best and worst work-life balance

Flickr / VFS Digital Design

The tech industry, and the hectic startup life in particular, can do a number on work-life balance.

But some jobs within tech companies are easier than others, according to research by Comparably, a Glassdoor competitor.

In a survey of more than 6,000 tech workers, Comparably found that there were vast differences in the work-life balance of various positions. Senior designers came out on top, with 81% saying they were satisfied with their work-life balance. At the bottom were sales managers, who came in at a depressing 46%.

Here is the full list of how satisfied people are with their job’s work-life balance:

Senior Designer – 81% Founders/CEO – 77% Product Manager – 76% Developer – 73% Customer Service Manager – 67% Marketing Manager – 65% Creative Director – 61% Sales Manager – 46%

Comparably also broke the data down by other factors like gender. You can see the whole report at Comparably’s website.