Telekom Malaysia’s incredible National Day ad is best viewed on two mobile phones placed side by side

Telekom Malaysia’s National Day ad celebrates the country’s cultural diversity.
Telekom Malaysia

Here is an ad that probably won’t make you want to reach out and hit the ‘skip’ button immediately.

The Malaysian arm of advertising agency Grey has created a special campaign for Telekom Malaysia (TM) to celebrate National Day.

“TM Sejahtera Malaysia“ features two films that are shot in vertical format because they are meant to be viewed on mobile phones.

Each two-minute clip can be watched on its own and features Malaysians getting ready to come together to celebrate National Day.

When you play both films simultaneously with two phones side by side, something special happens. Use the QR code below to watch the clips.

The campaign aims to celebrate the cultural diversity of Malaysia and even the song, “Sejahtera Malaysia”, that can be heard in the clip was recorded in six different ethnic languages.

In case you don’t have two phones with you on hand and can’t wait to watch the ad, this is what it looks like: